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The Biological Knee Society

The UK Biological Knee Society is an academic study group established by a group of specialist knee surgeons from the UK with a specific interest in the very latest and best possible surgical options and techniques for knee reconstruction.

There are many surgical options for reconstructing damaged knees. Missing meniscal cartilages can be replaced, either partially with artificial scaffolds or fully by meniscal allograft transplantation. Missing articular cartilage can be replaced by articular cartilage grafting. Unstable knees can be stabilised by ligament reconstruction. Malaligned knees can be straightened with osteotomies. All of these procedures have excellent published outcomes. When multiple of these procedures are combined simultaneously together, this is referred to as a ‘Biological Knee Reconstruction’.

The UK Biological Knee Society is dedicated to the study, evaluation and promotion of the very best surgical options for patients with damaged knees who are too young for artificial joint replacement surgery. This website is intended as a tool to raise the awareness of patients and surgeons alike and to disseminate the latest information on soft tissue reconstructive knee surgery.

Position Statements

BKS Response to the NHS Evidence-Based Interventions Programme Consultation, December 2018

The BKS is deeply alarmed by the proliferation of guidelines that are being created by non-specialists, which have the propensity to be used as tools to ration patients' access of care to the appropriate treatments that they need.

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The BKS Position Statement on The Role of Knee Arthroscopy, October 2018

Knee arthroscopy does work, when it is done at the right time, for the right reasons, in the right patient, with the right techniques and procedures by a good surgeon with the right training and the correct experience.

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Past meeting

The 6th Annual Meeting of the UK Biological Knee Society

  30th January 2020
  Thurs 30th Jan to Frid 31st Jan
  Downing College, Cambridge

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Past meeting

The 5th Annual Meeting of The Biological Knee Society

  31st January 2019
  Thurs 31st Jan to Frid 1st Feb
  Old Trafford, Manchester

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Past meeting

The 4th Meeting of the Biological Knee Society

  1st February 2018
  Thurs 1st Feb p.m. and Frid 2nd Feb a.m. 2018
  The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield

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Past meeting

The 3rd Meeting of the Biological Knee Society

  3rd February 2017
  The Vale Resort, Cardiff

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