The 5th Annual Meeting of The Biological Knee Society

Our 5th Annual meeting is set to be a stormer!

The meeting will be held at the Manchester United stadium, just 10 minutes from the Manchester City Centre.

Planned sessions:

  • The Meniscus
    • Ramp Lesions: Do you really have to go round the back of the knee to see them and to repair them?
    • Root Avulsions: what’s the latest and best kit for repairing them?
    • What’s the latest opinions on Meniscal Scaffolds?
  • ACL
    • To preserve the stump or to not preserve the stump: better healing vs more Cyclops lesions?
    • Internal bracing: protective seatbelts or silly slack strapping?
    • ACL graft enhancement: orthobiologic enhancement or pointless magic pixie dust?
    • We need to gather data… but how?! What software systems are out there, and which ones are best?
  • ACI
    • So, we won the battle against NICE, but did we win the war?! What are our actual options now?
  • Arthroscopy guidelines
    • Are the lunatics running the asylum?

Full programme and list of speakers to be confirmed shortly…

For further details, or to register for this meeting, please CLICK HERE


  31st January 2019
  Thurs 31st Jan to Frid 1st Feb
  Old Trafford, Manchester