Past meeting

The 6th Annual Meeting of the UK Biological Knee Society

  30th January 2020
  Thurs 30th Jan to Frid 31st Jan
  Downing College, Cambridge

We are delighted to be hosting the 6th Annual Biological Knee Society Meeting in Cambridge. The UK Biological Knee Society is a niche group of dedicated knee surgeons who are committed to furthering the science and practice of ‘biological knee reconstruction’.

The BKS programme is packed with updates as to the latest practice and results in areas such as biologics and ACL reconstruction and repair, with an overview and insight into industry’s latest products in key areas such as meniscal repair and articular cartilage defects. We also feature new advanced techniques and new products such as the use of lipogems and augmentation techniques for optimal patient outcomes in knee surgery.

Along with meeting at Downing College, Cambridge, we also have the opportunity for delegates to reserve a session in a cadaveric lab to try new techniques with advice on hand from experienced faculty.

The meeting also provides information and a forum for discussion in areas such as PROMs, consent and software packages.

This meeting is open to all knee surgeons and affiliated healthcare practitioners with an interest in the latest and best surgical treatment options for knee reconstruction.

Accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons of England for up to 9 CPD points.

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Past meeting

The 5th Annual Meeting of The Biological Knee Society

  31st January 2019
  Thurs 31st Jan to Frid 1st Feb
  Old Trafford, Manchester

Our 5th Annual meeting is set to be a stormer!

The meeting will be held at the Manchester United stadium, just 10 minutes from the Manchester City Centre.

Planned sessions:

  • The Meniscus
    • Ramp Lesions: Do you really have to go round the back of the knee to see them and to repair them?
    • Root Avulsions: what’s the latest and best kit for repairing them?
    • What’s the latest opinions on Meniscal Scaffolds?
  • ACL
    • To preserve the stump or to not preserve the stump: better healing vs more Cyclops lesions?
    • Internal bracing: protective seatbelts or silly slack strapping?
    • ACL graft enhancement: orthobiologic enhancement or pointless magic pixie dust?
    • We need to gather data… but how?! What software systems are out there, and which ones are best?
  • ACI
    • So, we won the battle against NICE, but did we win the war?! What are our actual options now?
  • Arthroscopy guidelines
    • Are the lunatics running the asylum?

Full programme and list of speakers to be confirmed shortly…

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Past meeting

The 4th Meeting of the Biological Knee Society

  1st February 2018
  Thurs 1st Feb p.m. and Frid 2nd Feb a.m. 2018
  The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield

The 4th meeting of the UK Biological Knee Society promises to be our best meeting yet! The main focus of this meeting is on the latest and best treatment options for articular cartilage and osteochondral grafting, with talks from some of the world’s leading experts on this hot topic.


  • Professor Roland Jacob, Emeritus Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Berne, Switzerland
  • Professor Leif Ryd, Professor of Orthopaedics, The Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  • Professor Peter Behrens, Professor of Orthopaedics, Hamburg, Germany
  • Professor Leela Biant, Manchester
  • Professor Vladimir Bobic, The Chester Knee Clinic
  • Professor Gordon McKay, Glasgow
  • Professor Michael McNicholas, University Hospital, Aintree
  • Mr Will Jackson, Oxford
  • Dr Jennifer Woodall-May, Program Director for Advanced Osteoarthritis Therapies, Biomet/Zimmer, Warsaw, Indiana


  • Advanced injection therapies for OA
  • Stem cell treatment – what’s happening in Kuala Lumpa
  • 25-year experience of cartilage regeneration from Switzerland
  • The Episealer focal resurfacing impact for chondral/osteochondral lesions
  • The biological importance of the osteochondral unit and subchondral bone
  • How to improve osteochondral repair, the Hamburg experience
  • Spherox: 4th-generation ACI
  • An explanation of the new NICE guidelines for ACI, and what this means for us and our patients
  • Multi-ligament repair and the internal brace
  • BUPA/ESSKA guidelines on arthroscopy for degenerate meniscal tears


The Belfry Hotal, Spa and Golf Resort
Sutton Coldfield B76 9PR

To book:

This meeting is open to all knee surgeons and affiliated healthcare practitioners with an interest in the latest and best surgical treatment options for knee reconstruction.

To book, please e-mail:

PLEASE NOTE that if you require accommodation at The Belfry at the special discounted BKS rate, then please e-mail us ASAP as places are limited.

Past meeting

The 3rd Meeting of the Biological Knee Society

  3rd February 2017
  The Vale Resort, Cardiff



  • Meniscal scaffold: the future or dead in the water? – Mr Peter Thompson (Coventry)
  • Chondrotissue articular cartilage grafting: The Abergavenny Experience. Mr Ian MacKie (Abergavenny)
  • Osteochondral graftins: how I do it. Professor Martyn Snow (Birmingham)
  • The BioPoly partial resurfacing implant. Professor Michael McNicholas (Liverpool)
  • Stem cells in the knee: the dawn of orthobiologics? Professor Vladimir Bobic (Chester)

CLICK HERE to see summaries of the presentations.

Keynote Debate

“You say ‘tomatoes’, I say ‘tomatoes’… The procurement, processing and provision of soft tissue allografts in the UK: does it really matter?

  • Ms Carrie Hartill, RTI, U.S. – the American Way
  • Ms Katy Juttla, NHS BT – the British Way


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The 3rd Meeting of the Biological Knee Society




Past meeting

The 2nd Meeting of the Biological Knee Society

  3rd February 2016
  The Oakley Court Hotel, Windsor



  • Meniscal allograft transplantation: Mr Ian McDermott
  • Meniscal scaffolds: Mr Neil Bradbury
  • Current options for articular cartilage loss: Mr Angus Robertson
  • Biological glues: Mr Ian McDermott

Guest lectures

  • Does it matter where your allografts come from? – Dr Carrie Hartill, Chief Scientific Officer, RTI Biologics
  • Repair of retropatellar cartilage defects – Dr Christoph Becher, Hannover Medical School

CLICK HERE for videos of the meeting’s presentations

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Past meeting

The Inaugural Meeting of the Biological Knee Society

  29th October 2014
  Malaison, Reading



  • Meniscal replacement surgery: Mr Ian McDermott
  • Chondrotissue articular cartilage grafts: Mr Angus Robertson
  • The role of tendon allografts in the knee: Mr Henry Atkinson
  • Biological Knee Replacement: Mr Ian McDermott